The Integrated WealthCare team is composed of professionals directly involved in the firm, as well as outside specialists with whom we affiliate. Through our unique and collaborative model, we are able to design comprehensive financial solutions that coordinate all aspects of a physician’s financial life. Our professionals collaborate for your benefit, rather than compete for your interests.

Integrated WealthCare Team

Lori Alvarado

Director of Insurance Operations
866.694.6292 x103

Antonio Santoro

Director of Client Services & Concierge Program Liaison
866.694.6292 x100

John Gallagher, MD.

Associate Financial Planner

First Ascent Asset Management Partners

First Ascent Asset Management is a partner of Integrated WealthCare, providing back-office support for our investment advisory clients. A completely independent team of chartered financial analysts, operations specialists and financial analysts, First Ascent provides our clients with integrated portfolio construction, trading, account administration, billing, and account reconciliation.

Our investment team includes:

Patrick Krulik, CFA

Chief Investment Officer- First Ascent

Scott MacKillop, JD.

CEO and Founder -First Ascent

Independent Investment Committee

Geoff Selzer, CFA

Member, First Ascent Investment Committee

Mary Kathryn Campion, Ph.D., CFA, AIFA

Member, First Ascent Investment Committee

Merrill Stillwell, CFA

Member, First Ascent Investment Committee

Shane Morrow, CFP®, CIMA, CAIA, CFA Level II candidate

Member, First Ascent Investment Committee

We are pleased to harness the experience and insight of this team for the benefit of our clients.
Please refer to First Ascent’s ADV for more detailed information.